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Why Join the Network?

Foodsby makes lunch easy and convenient for business professionals.
Employees order online, and meals are delivered hot for $1.99 with no tipping or hidden fees.

Foodsby solves the need for businesses to…

Save Time

Employees save more than 27 minutes with each order, allowing them to use their time more effectively and strike a better work-life balance.

Keep Employees Satisfied

We make it easy for employees to get a quality lunch options at a reasonable price, keeping them happier and more engaged at work.

Offer a Hot Food Solution

Accessible food is one of the most requested office amenities, and Foodsby makes it easy to offer quality food at a reasonable price.

Boost Performance and Well-Being

Our partners are seeing a significant increase in productivity, and employees love the convenience & time-savings.


Melissa A.
Executive Assistant, RE/MAX

This has been such a fantastic lunch option for our staff, many of whom prefer not to leave the building and deal with the headache of lunch crowds and traffic. Sign your company up for Foodsby. You have nothing to lose and your staff will appreciate it!

Jessica S.
Property Manager, SugarOak

As the building owners we love being able to tell new tenants that we offer this service and appreciate how easy it is to get them started… Overall, Foodsby is a great addition to our buildings!

Graham F.
Office Services, AMC Corporate

Utilizing Foodsby remains one of the best decisions our office has made. We all have enough problems to solve on a daily basis and figuring out lunch logistics should not have to be another. With Foodsby, our office has seen a significant increase in productivity.

Some of Our Restaurants…

Stats for Businesses


Minutes saved with each Foodsby order


Foodsby orders delivered accurately and on-time


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we join the Foodsby Network?

We’re excited to hear from you! First, check to see if your office building is currently in the network by searching your building address.

If your business is not already in the network, we can’t wait to have you join. Please submit a request, and we will be in touch soon!

How much does it cost to join the Network?

There is no cost to join the Foodsby Network!

Once Foodsby is at my building, what maintenance is required?

None! Foodsby requires no ongoing maintenance.

Can I pay for some or all of my employees meals?

Absolutely! Foodsby makes it easy for you to cover all or a portion of your employees’ meals. If you are interested in using Foodsby for team events, employee recognition, or subsidizing meal costs, let us know.


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