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Why Join the Network?

Foodsby makes lunch easy and convenient for business professionals.
Employees order online each morning, and restaurants prepare and deliver meals in bulk.

Foodsby solves your restaurant’s needs by providing…

Consistent New Sales

Foodsby generates consistent orders before your doors ever open,
bringing you new business on a daily basis.

Foodsby-funded Daily Marketing

On average, Foodsby markets your brand to a targeted audience
of more than 1,250 business professionals each day.

Easy Operations & Daily Support

Orders are handled when your kitchen has excess capacity, and we provide a dedicated Support team to assist with daily operations.

Profitable Delivery

The combination of our low fee and high sales volume makes
Foodsby the most profitable delivery solution in the industry.


Randy N.
Regional Director

Foodsby has made it very easy for us to showcase our product to exactly the type of businesses that fall in our demographic… We even have guests that work in business centers that order lunch through Foodsby and then come in for Happy Hour/Dinner, as well!

Rick P.

For any restaurant looking to build sales, I highly recommend Foodsby. In a few short months, we’ve added thousands of dollars to our Sales and Profit lines… It’s been great. We are now able to fill that income void during our non-rush period. We are delighted with the results generated through working with Foodsby.

Tiffany B.
Director of Catering

We love how we can customize and control our volume of business… Foodsby has been an ideal partner for us and has allowed us to reach a corporate customer base, increasing sales on a daily basis.


Stats for Restaurants


Annual sales volume for our top 50 partners in 2016


Average sales per Foodsby delivery


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started with Foodsby?

We are always partnering with new restaurants to grow our network and would love for you to join!

Contact us using the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon. If you’re in our service areas, it’s a simple process to get started, and our technology makes it easy for you to generate more business with your existing resources – no tablet required!

Is there a contract or a cost to join the Foodsby Network?

No! There’s no binding contract or upfront cost to be a partner in the Foodsby Network.

My store is unique. How can you be sure Foodsby will fit my operations?

Foodsby is customizable for each of our restaurant partners. We allow you to control the process – menu offerings, timing of orders, delivery distances, etc. – ensuring Foodsby is a valuable addition to your day-to-day operations.

How is Foodsby different than other 3rd party service providers?

Foodsby is different in a lot of ways: our consumer base is strictly business professionals, our technology makes it easy and profitable for you to do the delivery, so we’re able to make it low-cost for everyone involved – meaning more control over your product and more money in your pocket!

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